Project Background How the project started

Project Background

Many years ago I bought a large Minfigs Union army at the Bring and Buy at Claymore in Edinburgh. They were based for Fire and Fury, lacking in cavalry, and with a good few unpainted there as well. I did NOTHING with them for years. So I sold them to my mate Billy in Birmingham. He acquired a small Confederate force to oppose them and a copy of the rules.

Years passed and he did little with them as well. Then Sam Mustafa released Longstreet and I fancied giving them a try so I bought them all back! And slowly expanded and added to them.

I added cavalry, limbers etc. Iain Burt gave me a load of very nicely painted Confederates and I began a long and slow process of rebasing the lot to match my style!

And at this stage I decided to keep the Union Army using Minifigs. And mostly 2nd Generation Minifigs. They have a certain look to them, paint easily, and I like the style. The Confederate army is a mix of all makes and will remain so as long as they fit in with the size.