Savage Swans Von Donovan's Legion

The Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg is a large town in the German speaking principality of Hydelburg. The surrounding farms and villages form its protectorate, relying on the military forces of the Burgrave for protection. The farmland is rich, the crops bringing a steady income through fair taxes. The town, thriving now, is a safe and prosperous trading center. The Burgrave, Otto Fritz von Hesseburg has governed the area for over a decade now, helped by his military associate Oberstgeneral Seamus Günter von Donovan and his Legion, the Savage Swans.

The association of these two men started over twenty five years previously when they served together in the army of the Principality, Hesseburg was an eager young officer with a certain martial competence and an aptitude for violence helped by his large build and strength. He soon rose through the ranks, finally taking command of a regiment and after a long career was awarded the Burgraviate in acknowledgement of his valued service. Altefritzenburg thrived under his rule. A small but competent ‘army’ was recruited which provided protection from roaming brigands and bandits, as well as the numerous roaming mercenary bands, now unemployed following the end of the great war. But this would not have been possible without the help of his long time associate, von Donovan.

Seamus Günter von Donovan, the bastard son of a Gaelic mercenary and a traveling prostitute, spent his early years roaming the Germanic states. His path was to cross that of his father on many occasions and at age 12 he joined him as a drummer boy to learn the arts of war.