Welcome to Another Slight Diversion

What's it all about?

This is the portal into my wargaming world. Here I will catalog my varied wargaming activies and detail what projects I have completed and the many that are ongoing! This will include HowTos for basing and scenery, some details on how I paint, galleries, show reports and game reports. The main aim is to get the eye candy online and spend time reviewing old collections and breathing new life into them

I want to log each of my main projects as as few of these are completed I want this to be a driver for getting these done and showing them here. It may take some time...

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My Blog

I have been maintaining a blog for some years now - since 2006. I started with an ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) blog, the started a separate one to chronicle my 15mm AWI project. As my interests expanded I combined these to allow me to show all aspects of my wargaming. Although this is great for updates I don't actually do that many! I wanted better control over how things look and a more conventional website will give me that.

The blog will continue (as will the links to my Facebook page but I will gradually migrate the galleries and other content to this new site.

My Blog

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This months featured project:

  • Punic Wars
  • 15mm
  • Impetus, DBM
  • Field of Glory
  • Romans and Carthaginians
  • Spanish,Gauls and Numidians

This was the project that restarted my wargaming in the early 90s when I returned from travelling.